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Welcome to Airborne Memories. On this website, inhabitants from the Renkum/Arnhem area tell their stories about the Battle of Arnhem, the evacuations that followed, their time away from home and the rebuilding. They recall their first-hand memories or recount the stories they were told by the older generation.


The Germans ordered over 150,000 inhabitants to leave their hearths and homes after the Battle of Arnhem, and dispatched them to unknown destinations. Most did not return until nine months later, and many found that their houses had been plundered and destroyed. What impact did their experiences during the evacuation and the subsequent rebuilding have on them and their children?

Personal stories

Airborne Memories contains ordinary, everyday memories and stories of local residents collected and recorded by volunteers. These personal stories and photographs bring to life the experience of the civilians involved in the Battle of Arnhem. Airborne Memories is created for and by the inhabitants of the Renkum-Arnhem area. Young and old can volunteer to interview their fellow citizens about their own, or family’s, experiences of the Battle of Arnhem, the evacuations that followed, their time away from home, the rebuilding and the impact of the events on life today.

Only on the Dutch section of the website.

Because of the nature of this participation project, it is only accessible via the Dutch language section of the museum website.

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